Intel Edison - Getting Started

Getting started with an Intel Edison

In this blog post I reference the sparkfun edison starting kit, and I assume you're using either OS X or Linux.

Step 1: FTDI Drivers

If you've never messed with an FTDI chipset on your computer. You'll want to install the FTDI drivers. Go to this page and download the VCP drivers.

As of writing this blog the most current OS X drivers can be found at this link:

Step 2: Hookup the edison board to the console board.

//TODO Picture coming Just snap it in, plug in the micro usb end to the edson and the male end to your computer.

Step 3: Consoling in to the edison

3.1: Finding the edison in /dev

Open a terminal, then type in $ ls /dev/tty.*. You should see a device going by the name of tty.usbserial-*****. For example my edison's device name is: tty.usbserial-DA0123N0.

3.2: Connecting to the edison

The BAUD rate of our edison is 115200. So we screen into it using: screen /dev/tty.usbserial-DA0123N0 115200 -L. Replacing tty.usbserial-DA0123N0 with your device name found in step 3.1

3.3: It failed to connect :(

Try to unplug then replug the edison, then re-do

Step 4: Setting up the edison/Wifi connection

Simply run the command $ configure_edison, and follow the instructions. It will ask for a new hostname (what the edison shows up on the network as), password to the root account, and helps you connect to the wifi.

Couldn't see any wifi networks

This happened to me on my first try. Just tell the program to rescan, and it'll sooner or later pick up the wifi networks.

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