How to Writelock impinj monza6 rfid tags with mercury API

The mercury api has a problem write locking impinj's monza6 rfid tags. Here is a datasheet on the monza6 tag. You'll notice that the tag has »

OS X Navbar/Menubar Only App

Ever wanted to make a OS X navbar app? Node-webkit makes it super simple stupid, but why include the entire chrome run-time if you don't have »

Web 3.0 - React Native

React Native Browser React native opens a new door. A potential to throw away the legacy web. What if we could keep the good parts, and »

Intel Edison - Getting Started

Getting started with an Intel Edison In this blog post I reference the sparkfun edison starting kit, and I assume »

PHP, PUTs, POSTs, and Backbone.js

PHP has a small error where it does not put querystring results for a HTTP PUT inside a superglobal such-as $_PUT[] or $_POST[]. The second issue »


The Problem: Sending data from a microcontroller to any smartphone/computer While you can use the usb interface on non-mobile devices, very few smartphones allow you »