Web 3.0 - React Native

React Native Browser React native opens a new door. A potential to throw away the legacy web. What if we could keep the good parts, and »

Intel Edison - Getting Started

Getting started with an Intel Edison In this blog post I reference the sparkfun edison starting kit https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13093, and I assume »

PHP, PUTs, POSTs, and Backbone.js

PHP has a small error where it does not put querystring results for a HTTP PUT inside a superglobal such-as $_PUT[] or $_POST[]. The second issue »


The Problem: Sending data from a microcontroller to any smartphone/computer While you can use the usb interface on non-mobile devices, very few smartphones allow you »

Backbone.js + HTML5 PushState + Apache Virtual Host

If you're hosting a backbone.js app, where your backbone files are stored in: /app/* /dist/* /vendor/* /styles.min.css /source.min.js /index.html Where »

A better way to write AMD Declerations

It seems that the current trend is to trash AMD javascript function declarations. If styled properly, AMD really doesn't suck, nor does it waste valuable vertical »