Web 3.0 - React Native

React Native Browser

React native opens a new door. A potential to throw away the legacy web. What if we could keep the good parts, and threw away the DOM. The DOM has to deal with websites created over 23 years ago.

What if we used the React Native paradigm to create Web 3.0.

Under this new paradim when going to google.com....

  1. DNS is used to get a server IP Address
  2. HTTP GET request for index.rn
  3. The browser loads any linked assets, such as pngs, jpgs, and JavaScript
  4. The browser runs the React Native Bundle, rendering NATIVE elements.

Let's ditch html for react native syntax, but keep the rest of the web intact.

Gains over HTML and DOM

  • Native Performance
  • First class touchability
  • Native iOS and Android API Hooks, without complex porting
    • Push Notifications
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
    • HealthKit

HTML was not designed to make applications like this: http://maps.google.com, instead it was used to create sites like http://craigslist.org, http://wikipedia.com.

Let's Ditch the DOM for Native Web.